Guess who’s back ;)

Yep, project-9b 2.0 is happening! I’m back to training, preparing, getting psyched, and will be sharing again on this website. Let me explain the six month void on this blog.

As my first season of projecting came to a premature end with a knee injury in April 2018, I put the project on hold until next season (which is now…). I enjoyed my last competition season (my 16th WC season!) and finished my career at the World Championships in Innsbruck in September. Quite the relief, but also a bit melancholic 🙂 . Katha and I had planned lots of travels, so after being on the road for about three months, I got back home end of November. I must say I was in great crack climbing shape, but I hadn’t been sport climbing too much…

The plan was to spend the entire winter up to April on project9b for 100%. Of course that was a bit unrealistic. I might have written before that I’m doing another Masters at university, which had been on hold while I was travelling, and needed some devotion. Result is that since December I’ve been doing a huge split between lab work and gym training. Doesn’t sound too bad (and it actually works), if it stayed with that. But the usual pro-climber stuff (yes it actually takes time 😉 ), some routesetting, IFSC voluntary work, a part time job I started, and hey, all of the sudden everything became quite busy!

Even though I still dedicate a big chunk of my time to climbing, I’ve never really made it work to focus 100% on climbing. I know many of you face a situation of trying to share work and climbing, so I think the question of how one affects the other is quite interesting. I realize I have more time to train than many of you, but I guess the important question is how much time (including rest) is necessary to accomplish for example a project like mine.

Anyway back to topic, I’ll write some more soon on how I planned my training this season (since there’s quite some differences to last year), and how my plans for the coming months look like.