A good day and a bad day

A quick update on how things are going so far: Beast mode is slowly coming, the split finger is healing, but also some hot temps have showed up…

There were some A+ conditions on my second climbing day, and I was super happy to stick the bottom crux. Unfortunately my fingers were too numb so I missed a tricky deadpoint right before the rest. I’ve fallen here twice last year, so I improved my beta, which will hopefully help. From there on I fired it to the top, feeling quite solid on both upper cruxes! Darn, that dyno feels nice if you stick it!

Satisfied that I was finally able to five it a good fight, I tried again the next day, but failed at the lower crux twice. I felt tired already and couldn’t even do a crux link. Conditions really have to be on your side to climb this route.

A little progress, but no highpoint! I’ve taken two days off to heal the split tip, and with the heat today I was already sweating from belaying Marco…

Looks like some good days are coming, so Iˋll be giving it all for the second week of my trip!

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