Notice on route info

As you might have seen, I removed the info for now on how natural routes are in the section route info.

I originally added this info, since I think the climbing scene should know that a lot of today’s high end routes are not completely natural. It’s important to distinguish between:

  • reinforcing holds/structures with sika so that it’s barely visible/invisible.
  • reinforcing holds/structures with sika so that it’s clearly visible and you actually climb on sika.
  • ‘creating’ holds, e.g. by drilling holds, making new ones with sika, or even adding plastic holds…

I think the state of the art today varies per area/country and it’s hard to say what is right or wrong, and where to draw that line. This alltogether is a different discussion I’d love to see in the climbing scene one day.

The reason why I removed the info on how natural routes are, is that it can be easily misunderstood and discredit the route’s first ascentionist, which I think is not correct. I guess if I want to list that info, it would need more specification and detail.

It’s a tricky case isn’t it?

Mid-way start

Yes, I should have started this blog earlier, not when I’m already more than half way into the process.
But hey, better late than never…

Anyway, welcome to! The goal of this website is to give some more detailed information about:

  • the process of trying to climb 9b (this blog)
  • info on those routes that I’ve tried so far (here)
  • info on my training and preparation (here)

Now you might ask yourself the question: ‘Who’s still blogging these days??’ So did I, and I came to the conclusion that even if only some diehard fans are happy with it, why not. At least website content is a bit longer lasting then nowadays social media content.

So here we are! I’ll try to catch up on the last couple of months (basically since I intiated this project) by some throwbacks.

If you have any suggestions, wishes, or just wanna say hi, please comment!