End of Spain trip #2 – no cigar

I battled, gave it all, got close, but didn’t get to celebrate quite yet…

Trip Recap

I’ve tried ‘Fight or Flight’ for the last two weeks and made good progress right at the start of the trip. Feeling a big improvement from my last trip in December, I was confident that during this trip a send was well possible. The route dried up and with some good conditions I hoped for more progress, but instead ran into a wall (see previous posts).

Right at the end of this trip I felt more or less recovered and climbed to my highpoint: the upper crux! I got close, lacking four moves to the top jug, but unfortunately ran out of energy (and conditions) on the very last days.

A little below my highpoint. The top edge of the photo is the victory jug. (Photo: G. Mionske)

On my way home now, my feelings on this trip are quite mixed. I came with all the strength and confidence I could have hoped for, and I’m going back tired, sore and feeling weak.

What now?!

This might sound a bit negative, but it honestly is the exact opposite. I learned so much from this trip, and I remain positive. My expectations with a 70:30 sending probability might have been on the positive side, but I’ve learned that this works better than a lack of confidence. At first it was quite hard to take setbacks (especially those I couldn’t explain), but then I learned to accept them. They’ll make succes even sweeter.

The plan is to rest and recover (I’m really really tired), return to the fitness I had previous to this trip, and come back in about three weeks. It might sound strange but I’m still confident my fitness before the trip is enough for success.

A thank you

I realised that this website has helped me a lot along the way. I think it’s important to keep track of the process, to see what worked out well, and where problems appeared. It’s also been fun to see so many people interested in this project, and I’m happy with all the good feedback and comments!

So stick with me, project-9b is far from over, and let me know if you have wishes or feedback.

Over and out. Jorg is going to sleep for a couple of days 🙂