Good news and bad news

The good news is that I’ve booked my flights to Spain for round 3 on #project9b!
The bad news is that I hurt my knee and I can’t climb at the moment…

I’ve been at home for two weeks now, and though it was hard to get back to fitness, it’s coming. My idea was to be at home for three weeks, rest and get fit, then head back and SEND! So far the ideal situation. Reality is that I still feel sick now and then, but in between I had some good climbing days. I was surprised my power endurance hadn’t really gone down much, but my max power was lacking. Some campussing, bouldering, dead hangs, and as I booked my flights for April 4 – 17, I felt ready for action.

The move wasn’t even that hard, but the feet were high, and as I dropped my knee in classy French style, I felt a sharp sting on the inside of my right knee. I can’t recall a sound, but the feeling itself wasn’t great, so I called it good and went home. The next day my knee was swollen, painful and I couldn’t walk properly. A visit to the doctor lead to an MRT appointment next week, the day before I fly…

I’m super bummed, as I can see my chances for this year slowly disappear. But hey, I never had a knee injury before, and I always said they’re better than finger injuries because you can still train 🙂 I guess I’ll have to wait until Tuesday to decide whether I’ll go to Spain or not. I’ll just hope for the best!

4 thoughts on “Good news and bad news

  1. Hey Jorg ! I read on insta that you need to heal your knee. Bad news fore sure. But i think it will be interesting to follow you on all your way to 9b. Please share your rehabilitaion videos too. I think people are interesting in whole process, not only a good times. It is more close to us mortals now with dealing with injuries and hoping for next chance.
    Good luck and quick recovery !!!

    1. Hi Pete you’re totally right.
      I always preach the entire process is important and not only the good times, but it seems like I kind of forgot that. Thanks for reminding me.
      I’ll keep this blog up to date with rehab, and my thoughts on how to continue the project.

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