Project 9b part 2.0?!

I’ve gotten lots of questions about my knee injury and the continuation of the project. It’s been pretty quiet from my side (sorry for that) and I’m happy to see you guys are still supportive! The main reason for my absence here was that I had put project 9b on hold and didn’t really know when I would reactivate it. Now, I owe you a long due update:

First of all, the knee is fine! I should say 95% fine, since there’s still some things I can’t do, like Adam-style dropknees or comp-style mantles, but I’m really happy with recovery. I honestly think it’s the most ‘friendly’ injury I’ve had, especially compared to finger injuries. So from that perspective: good to go!

That leaves the question when I’m going to get back working on it. I’ve thought about that quite a lot since April, and the short answer is: November. I always planned to put the project on hold from May onwards, to focus on competitions, and await conditions. Temperatures are too high for ‘Fight or Flight’ until late Fall, and I have some other plans as well (Yosemite!!!). This made me decide to go for the exact same schedule as last year: Start training in November, get fit through winter (maybe short trips), send in March/April! That is the ideal plan, let’s see how it goes 😉

That gives me a lot of time to build up a crazy amount of psyche for project 9b part 2!