Some progress!

I finally managed to get past the first crux and make it to the halfway rest :). It was quite a battle, so the flashpump got me quickly after the rest, falling at the second crux, 5 moves before the top.

I reached this point last year once, and I realized I need to get through the bottom part (25 move 9a) quicker and with less of a struggle. I’ve climbed the top part (12 move 8c) several times with some pre-pump, but now I arrived at the rest pretty destroyed.

Conditions were okay (see post below), but could be better, and I’m happy about switching to fight mode. I’m still enjoying the process, as well as seeing other people at the crag succeed on their projects! I’ve got some days left, but I would be surprised if this trip will bring a send. I guess I need to get a little fitter, as always πŸ˜‰

Photo by Toni Mas Buchaca

4 thoughts on “Some progress!

  1. Been following along since your podcast with Kris Hampton and really pulling for you! Hope to hear more updates when fall rolls around and temps cool down!

  2. Sika is niet heel ok maar geboorde haken, die ons mensenleven (en vele daarna) aanwezig zullen zijn, wel? Rare ethiek…
    β€œTo bolt or not to be.”.
    Als wandelaar stoor ik mij aan die haken in de wand.

    1. Dus waarom niet met toprope. Ik wil gewoon klimmen. Wat is dat voor gezeur met een touw omhoog moeten brengen? Minder schade aan rots en meer puur klimmen.

  3. Hey Jorg, what’s up with your proj? We (climbers) are curious as f*** so please send any update.

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