This is a log book of my main training phase (duration: ~ 4 months), where you can see what exercises I did and why I did them.

Due to an injury (and thus some time off) I started my training at what I call my ‘base-level’, i.e. the fitness I drop down to after a climbing break of ~1 month. Keep in mind that I’ve been training for the last consecutive 15 years, this is probably why my base level is still relatively high.

Whether it will work out to go from baselevel to climbing 9b in a short period of time is one of the interesting topics of this project, that’s why I’ll try to explain as well how I felt my fitness change and body react during the training phase.

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Phase II: Power endurance
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Rough timeplan of the project

Mid November I started with two weeks of climbing as an intro to my training phase, leading to the start of phase I end of November.

End of December I ended Phase I with a two week climbing trip to Spain (goal was to check out routes, decide on which one to try, and work as much as possible on it).

Beginning of January (right after my trip) I started phase II, and changed to phase III with a smooth transition beginning of Febuary.

End of Febuary I will reduce training quantity and focus on quality only, to be recovered enough for the second Spain trip March 1 – 15, where I will try to send. If I don’t, I will come back in April, and eventually extend the project to next year.